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What To Expect



Before Your Appointment

Shower, Shave and Exfoliate to prep skin. Use oil-free products.

Ideally, shaving and exfoliating should be done 12-24 hours prior to getting a spray tan. This allows the skin to return to its normal pH level. It is important to exfoliate using a non-oil based exfoliant that will not leave behind residue.

Do not apply face or body moisturizer.

Schedule hair, nail, spa appointments, workouts prior to appointment.

Wear loose fitting clothing.




After Your Spray

Remain dry for the 6-8 hours following your appointment. Do not sweat or get wet until your first rinse off. Your first rinse off should be soapless.

Take short, warm (not hot) showers using mild non-scented soap – please do not use Dove products.

Pat skin dry and moisturize. Moisturize 2 to 3 times a day to extend your glow.

Avoid skin contact when applying perfume.


The Naked Truth

What To Wear


The majority of clients prefer to not wear anything at all for no tan line results. We do offer disposable undergarments.


We require a bottom covering, such as boxers or briefs.

Please always feel free to call the studio, if you have any questions regarding preparation for your appointment or post appointment skin care. We would love to talk to you.

It’s time to celebrate…YOU!